Use regular coffee in Keurig K-Cups and help the environment with K-Savers

I love my Keurig single-serving coffee maker and most the time I have a bunch of different coffee flavors from which to choose. Every once in awhile though, I find myself left with nothing but hot chocolate, hot apple cider and flavored tea and no way to make a cup of coffee. To be honest, I feel guilty about throwing away so many of the little plastic K-Cups and would like an easy way to reuse them and make some regular coffee once in awhile.

Keurig sells a gadget for that, called My K-Cup, and it lets you use your own coffee but it doesn’t reuse the plastic cups. Today I found a new gadget called the K-Saver. It’s a stainless steel lid for plastic K-Cups that also has a spring-loaded plug in the top where the hole is normally found. When using the K-Saver the needle on your Keurig will push open the plug and inject the water into the cup. A used K-Cup also has a hole in the bottom, so multiple holes may be punched in a cup that’s reused several times. Each cup has a built-in paper filter basket, however, and that filter typically does not get pierced. So when you pack the used K-Cup with coffee grounds the filter should keep the grounds from escaping.

To use a K-Saver you just peel off the top of a used K-Cup and load it with the coffee of your choice. Snap on the K-Saver and you’re ready to use the cup in your Keurig. They come in a 5-pack for $19.99 and can be re-used indefinitely. It looks kind of messy and will takes a little time to empty and pack the cups, so these may not be for everyone. Despite those things I’d like to give them a try.

Don’t get me wrong…I still plan to buy my 18 packs of Golden French Toast K-Cups because that’s one of my favorites and it’s the only way I can get that flavor. But I’m not opposed to packing my own cups with some fresh Dunkin’ Doughnuts coffee or even some Folgers when it’s on a BOGO at the local market. Doing that I can save some money, never be out of coffee and also do a little good for the environment, one K-Cup at a time.

UPDATE: A couple of Gadget Guy (James Stock and William Mize) readers also recommended the ekobrew reusable cup. It gets a 4-star rating on Amazon where it sells for $11.50. A quick search on Amazon also brought me to the Solofill Cup and EZ-Cup.┬áBoth are rated at 4-stars and sell for about $15. And lastly I found the DisposaCup lids which are plastic replacement lids for your K-Cups. They’re rated at 4.5-stars and sell in a box of 100 for $11. From an environmental standpoint, however, they would add plastic to the equation instead of taking it away, so they wouldn’t be my first choice.

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2 Responses to “Use regular coffee in Keurig K-Cups and help the environment with K-Savers”

  1. William Mize says:

    Hallo Jack! Long time no see!
    As a fellow KCup user and cheapskate, I would also recommend the ekobrew Cup. I got two for $20 so one is always clean and fresh and ready for some Folgers, Maxwell House or Dunkin.


    • Jack Rowland says:

      Hello, Bill! Nice to see you here. You were the second person to recommend the ekobrew so I updated the post with it and also added a few more. Thanks!

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